Beethoven reconstruction by Cees Nieuwenhuizen

Beethoven | Violin Concerto in C major | First movement

Based on a fragment by Ludwig van Beethoven WoO 5 | Completion by Cees Nieuwenhuizen opus 71

There are four known works of Beethoven for the violin and orchestra genres. They were written during the 1790-1806 period. These are the Violin Romance in G major Opus 40, the Violin Romance in F major Opus 50, the Violin Concerto in D major Opus 61 (1806) and the earlier Violin Concerto in C major WoO 5 (Hess 10). The latter was left to us as a fragment which Beethoven most probably composed in Bonn, between 1790 and 1792. The fragment contains 259 bars, fully written out and than stops abruptly….as if the score was torn in two. The composition is broken off exactly 15 bars into the development. The motif in the last known bars 258 and 259 initiated the task of joining the development as reliably as possible to the rest of the work.